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HD and 4K Conform Workflows

Low-res to high-res conform pipelines are becoming increasingly popular with the adoption of 4K cameras and high shoot ratio HD workflows like reality TV. Source footage shot with mixed camera formats can add an extra level of complexity that often seems impossible to overcome.

Get ready for 4K!

4K and UHD content is here! Content creators are now able to affordably provide highest resolution masters of their programming, thus putting pressure on post-production pipelines to accommodate all of the incoming 4K/UHD content.

Make existing infrastructure work

4K/UHD content puts enormous stress on current storage and editorial resources that were built largely for HD. Customers are feeling the pressure from vendors to overhaul their infrastructure to accommodate this new content.


Build an Online/Offline Pipeline

Overhauling is not the only option. DNAevolution® allows you to maximize your existing storage and editorial infrastructure. It’s new 4K/UHD conform engine is designed to help you work in HD/4K proxy while enabling seamless conforming directly from LTO/LTFS raw masters.


Conform Directly from LTO, Save Time and Storage Costs

DNAevolution® is the only solution capable of conforming high-res media directly from LTO tape, with format support for any conform workflow. Save costs and eliminate time consuming manual processes by performing automated conforms with DNAevolution’s® Smart Conform for HD or 4K source content.


Cracking the Code on Conform Complexity

With more than three years of helping customers worldwide with their conform workflows, DNAevolution® LTO LTFS archiving incorporates features that simplify data management across any conform workflow.


Work in Low-res and Save on Storage Costs

When you need to finish programs at the highest resolution, DNAevolution® can help by making it easy to adopt a conform workflow for HD or 4K. By working in low-res and mastering in high-res, DNAevolution® can help you save thousands on expensive primary storage.

4K/HD Smart Conform Workflow

Smart Conform: Conform Workflow

Store an entire shoot’s worth of 4K/HD camera content on lower-cost LTO media, while DNAevolution’s® Smart Conform technology provides the intelligence to seamlessly conform content for finishing and final export. Support is available for mixed camera shoots and numerous formats including: RED, ProRes, ARRIRAW, DPX, and Sony F65.


Effortlessly Conform Multi-format Sequences

DNAevolution’s® camera format intelligence and simplified processes for both Avid® and Adobe® environments give you everything you need to handle the most complex HD and 4K conform pipelines, even across multi-format sequences.


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