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HD and 4K Data Management

Media organizations are challenged with an onslaught of HD and 4K content at an ever-increasing pace. Critical to success in these fast moving, high-volume media environments is the ability to efficiently store, archive, and protect valuable content.

Next Generation Media Pipelines

Today’s professional media workflows and pipelines demand highly advanced workflow solutions that not only meet basic requirements, but exceed them. By delivering groundbreaking media archiving technology, DNAevolution’s unique LTO LTFS archiving capabilities can offer an entirely new way to work, and help to save substantial time and storage costs.


Revolutionary HD and 4K Media Workflows

DNAevolution’s unique parallel architecture is designed to provide unmatched performance for HD and 4K pipelines. Built-in camera clip and metadata media intelligence with global search makes tracking and selecting content easier than any other archive solution available. To further accelerate workflows, repetitive everyday tasks can be automated so content moves effortlessly through the pipeline.

Speed, Speed, and More Speed

DNAevolution LTO LTFS archiving accelerates mixed file size data movement to enable the fastest possible camera file offloads. A highly advanced architecture provides multi-GB per second file transfers to help offload content and start creative processes more quickly and reliably.

  • Offers maximum performance across different media types, from smaller ARRIRAW files to huge Sony F65 raw files
  • Applies advanced transfer algorithms to achieve line-speed transfers across any data set

Hands-free Content Verification Keeps You Informed

An all-new auto-verification process dynamically queues LTO LTFS tapes when they become full and any files that fail verification are automatically selected for re-archiving. With DNAevolution’s activity email alerts, the operator stays informed of all activity to ensure the highest pipeline efficiency.


Know Exactly Where Your Content Is

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Camera format extracted metadata

Built-in camera clip and metadata extraction intelligence with global search makes tracking and selecting HD and 4K content easier, including search across all available metadata, from camera notes to time-codes. DNAevolution’s Archive Asset Management toolset can also be used to enhance archived content with an embedded HTML-5 player and metadata tagging capabilities.


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