DNAevolution Deployments

Disaster Recovery and Content Security

HD and 4K projects require a considerable amount of workflow planning that often includes dailies handling and transcode processing. While thorough preparation helps, there’s always the possibility of hardware or operational failures that can severely impact editorial timelines, resulting in days or months of lost time and revenue.

Build Reliable Archives

DNAevolution's innovative features, incorporating today’s most advanced technologies, allow you to overcome complex media workflow challenges. This same solution also helps you build reliable, efficient and cost-effective archives. With DNAevolution LTO LTFS archiving, you have a secure and reliable place to store high-res camera master content.


Set and Forget Backup Engine

Performing double duty as a “set and forget” daily backup engine, DNAevolution provides advanced protection of your primary storage to keep your production running in case of primary SAN/NAS failures and operator errors.

Protect Entire Workspaces or Individual Projects

With DNAevolution, you have the flexibility of enabling disaster recovery backups for an entire workspace or selectively for a specific Avid® or Adobe® project.


Easily and Quickly Recover

DNAevolution enables fast and efficient recovery of entire workspaces or just a sequence. You can recover quickly from accidental media deletion, or even failure of hardware RAID solutions.

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Schedule automated backups


On Time Nightly Incremental Backups

Designed to identify and transfer only new or changed files, DNAevolution uses high performance algorithms, ensuring nightly backups complete on time.


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