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Storage Management for Post Production

Post production storage environments face increased pressures from HD and 4K workflows. Editors and artists deal with capacity limit issues faster than ever before due to the influx of higher resolution content. Adding more storage seems like the only available option, which can result in escalating storage spending.

Media Intelligent Pipeline for Post

DNAevolution LTO LTFS features the greatest number of tools to select, archive and offload your HD and 4K post assets, including automated backup and archiving for Avid® and Adobe®, as well as AAF / XML / EDL based archiving. When you pair these tools with its high performance data movers, DNAevolution offers the fastest workflow for managing post production assets.


Take Control of Storage Costs

DNAevolution provides a complete toolset to manage otherwise uncontrolled storage growth of today’s most popular SAN/NAS solutions designed for post production environments. A media intelligent software layer allows for more granular movement of content to all storage tiers. This gives you the ability to easily manage your entire storage infrastructure and realize significant cost savings.

Manage a Single Project or Archive an Entire Workspace

It’s your choice. With DNAevolution LTO LTFS, you have the tools to offload or archive at any level of granularity you see fit. Offload a project, an entire workspace/volume, or just a sequence or timeline’s worth of content. Specific capabilities built for Avid® and Adobe® editorial environments enable a highly efficient, media intelligent pipeline.


Quickly Retrieve a Sequence
or Entire Project

With DNAevolution, you have the flexibility to retrieve content by bin, sequence, project or workspace/volume. Combined with high speed SAN-tuned transfer speeds, content can be retrieved in a flash when needed–helping to meet tight program delivery deadlines.


Quickly Find and Repurpose Post Production Assets

The built-in Archive Asset Management toolset, together with DNAevolution’s media intelligent metadata extraction layer, can index post production-based content, including Avid MXF OpAtom file structures. Editors can search and preview* clips rather than having to sift through unrecognizable .mxf file names.

*Previews require third-party transcode software


Fastest Offload and Retrieval Speeds

DNAevolution provides a multi-threaded, read-ahead parallel transfer engine that accelerates file transfers from any post production storage solution, optimized for both Ethernet and Fibre Channel connections.


Avid Interplay, CatDV, and Third-party MAM Integrations

Simple, yet highly functional integration with Avid® Interplay® Production, CatDV, and other third-party MAMs, enables the highest performing archive and nearline workflows for HD and 4K pipelines.


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