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We deal with vast amounts of camera master data… which takes up a massive amount of space on our nearline storage... DNAevolution enables us to utilize our network storage more cost-effectively. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to quickly archive the high-resolution media and conform directly from the LTO tape–easily restoring content selectively against an edited timeline.

Stuart Dyer, Operations Manager, Films at 59


Decisions, Decisions

There are many LTO tape-based backup and archive solutions on the market, and it may seem like they all do the same thing. You should know how and why DNAevolution beats the competition!


Engineered for Media Environments

DNAevolution is unique in its ability to understand media file structures and integrate into media workflows. No other archive solution offers DNAevolution’s deployment flexibility for creative media environments.


Build an Open, Scalable, Secure Archive

DNAevolution LTO LTFS archiving is the only solution that uses an open format to store all metadata and data ensuring completely open and future access to your content so you can repurpose and monetize content faster.

Start small and easily expand to Petabyte-scale storage environments with DNAevolution’s clustered architecture. Unlimited scalability, with no limits on storage or object counts, is powered by DNAevolution’s noSQL database. Seamlessly add data movers for improved archive performance, with a central interface for a single point of management.

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How DNAevolution helps to manage and protect your media:

  • 100% open archive via LTFS (for data) and XML (for metadata)
  • Integrates into many popular third-party applications and any open storage system
  • Multiple levels of protection ensure that content stays safe long-term

Protect HD, 4K+ Cameras Masters & Find Archived Content Fast

DNAevolution helps with file-based content acquisition by quickly and reliably archiving original camera masters to LTO LTFS. In addition to check-sum verifying all content as it is written to LTO tape, DNAevolution allows you to accurately find content with the integrated Archive Asset Manager. Along with Smart Search, advanced timesaving features include tagging, annotating, and locating any archived media asset.

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Smart Search: Locate content based on any file or clip metadata attribute


Manage a Low-res to High-res Pipeline & Save Storage Costs

As 2K, 4K and even higher camera resolutions become commonplace, these large formats put ever-increasing stress on infrastructures. Like many media environments, you may find you are constantly running out of storage capacity for high-res projects.

Would you prefer to use a low-res media workflow and keep larger amounts of content easily accessible for quick retrieval and repurposing? DNAevolution LTO LTFS archiving has you covered by providing the first fully automated LTO pipeline that allows you to edit in low-res and master in high-res!

Learn more about low-res to high-res HD and 4K conform workflows.


Control Post Production Storage Growth

Many post production organizations rapidly outgrow their online storage capacity due to a constant influx of new projects, prolonged existing projects, and poor storage management tools.

DNAevolution is the only solution to offer automated Avid® and Adobe® project backup, DR, and archiving. High performance data movers deliver simple, yet comprehensive, high speed content movement to and from LTO LTFS, enabling easy management of precious online storage capacity.

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Deploy a Cost-effective Avid Archive Solution

DNAevolution provides the most comprehensive data management tools available today for Avid environments and can help to manage storage growth, easily move assets, and ultimately provide a more automated pipeline.

These tools include the most efficient and cost effective integration for Avid® Interplay archiving available today. Based on Interplay’s web services API, the StorageDNA solution bypasses the need for additional services and hardware that all other solutions require.

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