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Innovations purpose-built for professional media environments

Our customers want the ability to search, preview, do basic descriptive metadata updates, and have control of a collection within a single integrated system that keeps their content safe and accessible. That’s why we are excited about the built-in Archive Asset Manager.

Joe Kelly, General Manager, DAMsmart


Advanced Features Designed for Faster Media Workflows

While many archive solutions enter the market through traditional IT channels, DNAevolution has been built specifically to meet the demands of professional media environments. With tight integration into today’s highly specialized workflows, DNAevolution is an ideal archive solution for use in field acquisition and post production, with third-party asset management solutions, and for finished content.


Technology that Accelerates Media Pipelines

DNAevolution stands alone in its ability to enhance and speed workflows, with integrated features and options designed to help manage high volumes of data in complex, multi-format, mixed-OS environments.


Built-in Camera Archive Asset Manager with Smart Search

Find content fast with DNAevolution’s integrated Archive Asset Management toolset.

Built on powerful metadata extraction capabilities, DNAevolution’s unique Smart Search provides powerful global metadata search so you can quickly and accurately locate content when needed. Smart Search lets you search against NLE and native camera metadata, file system attributes, and custom metadata.

DNAevolution’s Archive Asset Management toolset includes:

  • Multi-view

    Browse or search archived content by Folders/Directories, Clips or Files

  • Powerful Search

    Project or global Boolean search via Clip name or any available metadata field

  • Media Intelligence

    Support for over 180 camera types and formats including non-media files

  • Proxy Playback

    Built-in HTML-5 proxy viewer provides visual confirmation

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Powerful global metadata search across any file or clip attribute


Comprehensive Data Management Tools for Avid Environments

DNAevolution is the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective archive solution for Avid environments ranging from Avid Unity ISIS® workgroup installations to large Avid Interplay® enabled deployments.

DNAevolution delivers:

  • Automated Project-based Backup and Archiving

    Simple and hassle-free project and media offload and restore to/from LTO, in addition to archiving via AAF or EDL

  • Automated Conform

    Automated low-res to high-res editorial workflows enhance traditional LTO pipeline capabilities

  • Data Movers Tuned for Avid Unity ISIS

    Accelerate movement of data to and from ISIS shared storage


Ensure Secure, Healthy, Error-free Data

With DNAevolution’s 100% verification process, your media stays safe, healthy, and accessible today and in the future.

By checksum verifying the data as it is read and written, and providing post-verification of your data, DNAevolution ensures that it is accurately written to the storage target. Scheduled media health checks and media reports also help to assure content is error-free.

  • Real-time Checksum

    Compares read and write checksum values as data is being moved; confirms that data read from the source is the same as data written to tape

  • Post Checksum

    All files are read back from tape and compared to the original checksum value

  • Allows multiple exact copies of data, with media duplication functionality

  • Email alerts and full reporting provide administrators with verification status

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Example of MD5 values


High-performance Data Movers

DNAevolution’s media-tuned data movers are designed to accelerate the movement of media assets to and from media SANs.

  • Designed for Large Media Files

    Tuned to optimize the movement of large media files across Ethernet, FC and SAS based storage systems

  • Designed for Media SANs

    Tuned to accelerate performance across media storage systems including Avid Unity ISIS, EMC® Isilon®, EditShare®, Facilis® TerraBlock®, Quantum® StorNext®, and others

  • Intelligent, Incremental-only Archiving

    Ability to analyze, scan and archive only new or changed data


Open Data Exchange and Import

Open data format allows for the easy exchange of storage media, with features such as LTFS tape import and DNAevolution catalog export/import.

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