DNAevolution Overview

Next generation LTO LTFS nearline and archive

We save two ways using DNAevolution–by reducing manpower and hard costs... We save a substantial amount every month, starting from the time we incorporated the system into our facility. DNAevolution is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions I’ve ever worked with.

Will Pisnieski, Vice President of Post Production, Authentic Entertainment

Conquering the Content Deluge

File-based content is being generated at an unprecedented pace, and whether you manage a broadcast facility, post house, boutique editorial or corporate media department, it can be a daunting task to figure out where all of this media should go. Add higher resolutions (2K, 4K+), higher frame rates (60fps, 120 fps), and the need to convert analog libraries to digital, and you have a major undertaking on your hands. Oh, and let’s not forget security and disaster recovery of all this valuable file-based content.


Archive Engine Built on LTO LTFS

DNAevolution is an intelligent archive engine that helps you overcome the challenges of today’s file-based environments, adding new media workflows to one of today’s most trusted storage mediums–LTO tape.

What is DNAevolution® and what challenges does it solve?

With DNAevolution, content can be efficiently managed throughout its lifecycle, while saving you time and costs.


Spend less on storage

Moving seldom or unused content from expensive spinning disk systems to a highly reliable low cost storage medium (>$.015/GB for LTO-6), can save significantly on annual storage costs.

Get content faster

Save time using DNAevolution’s media intelligent browser-based tools to quickly find and restore content for repurposing or to resume seasonal or long-term projects.

30 years

Protect assets long-term while going green

DNAevolution utilizes LTO LTFS technology to protect your content for up to 30 years with little to no power requirements and maintenance.


Market leading adoption

StorageDNA is a leader in LTO LTFS deployments, with more than 700 DNAevolution installations worldwide.


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