Why LTO Digital Tape Media
and LTFS Technology?

Many film, video and broadcast professionals are experiencing the phenomenal growth of unstructured data in their production and post production environments. The challenges you face with long-term archival storage of your digital assets include how to cost-effectively backup, archive, search, find, restore, and directly access your content.


LTO Tape: Low-cost, Reliability, and Performance

You can save significant storage costs with LTO digital tape media. LTO tape has the lowest cost per/GB than any other storage medium designed for use by professionals, with an extended roadmap providing further enhancements and cost savings well into the future.

An LTO cartridge is just a spool of tape with no moving parts, making it ideal for long-term storage. LTO tape is an industry standard for archival media and designed to last over 30 years, while hard drives become unreliable when not used constantly. LTO was designed for Enterprise IT environments and has been on the market for over ten years, with millions of tapes being used everyday. With LTO tape, you are assured that your assets are being protected with a reliable, proven storage medium.

LTO digital tape media will increase archive and restore performance and is capable of over 1.3 Gb/sec of throughput. As an example, you can move one hour of AVCIntra100 in under eight minutes! By using LTO tape, you can realize substantial storage savings with the best performance and most reliable archival storage option.


LTFS: Low-cost, Direct Access, and Media Workflows

LTFS technology has emerged as a solution that combines the best features of LTO and the direct access benefits provided by disks. Developed by the LTO consortium, LTFS is a file system standard for tape. Much like disk-based systems, LTFS defines how it writes content to tape in an open format, which gives it the ability to unlock the true power of LTO. LTFS provides a direct access file system on LTO enabling DNAevolution to offer backup, archive and nearline workflows–in one platform. DNAevolution is "LTFS-aware" software designed from its inception for LTFS and LTO-based technologies, offering a dramatically more cost-effective storage infrastructure. Other solutions do not use the "disk-like" abilities of LTFS. Instead, they only use LTFS as an alternative to the original .tar format. DNAevolution is the only software solution designed to fully leverage LTFS, maximizing the direct access ability of LTFS for new levels of digital workflows. These advanced media workflows help you to simply your workflow, save time, and lower your storage costs.

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