StorageDNA helps broadcasters deal with growing amounts of file-based media. News, sports and other broadcasters are bombarded with file-based content. StorageDNA provides a way to manage storage costs, preserve content and find it when needed.

Designed to store and find raw assets

  • Archive raw assets from cards, hard drives or from ingest and video servers (e.g. P2, XDCAM, AJA Ki Pro, Avid Airspeed)
  • miniMAM web-based asset search and proxy browse interface enables you to find source footage easily
  • Software only, Thunderbolt enabled systems now allows archiving in the field from any Mac laptop

Designed to store and find editorial assets

  • Supports Avid, FCP-7 bin, sequence and project archiving and restore
  • miniMAM web-based MAM enables asset search and proxy browse for Avid, FCP and other editorial assets

Designed to store and find aired/finished assets

  • Monitors playout servers for content sent-to-air and automatically archives to LTO
  • miniMAM enables a web-based browse for content sent-to-air for viewing, search and compliance purposes

Integrates with MAM systems such as Avid Interplay and CatDV

  • Integrated into Avid Interplay via web services for the lowest cost alternative for Avid Interplay archiving
  • Integrated into CatDV for seamless, high-performance archiving
  • Simple XML based drop folder interface allows integration with any asset management system

Designed to backup and protect your file-based assets

  • Backup, snapshot and disaster recovery engine mirrors your content to LTO-5 and LTFS
  • Enables an easy way to protect any storage with valuable file-based assets including SANs, DAS or servers
  • LTO tape media allows for an easy offsite disaster recovery plan

Built on LTO and LTFS for low cost, reliable and open storage

  • Built on low cost, high reliability LTO digital tape
  • Uses LTFS (Linear Tape File System) for open data access
  • Uses XML for open metadata access