Film, Reality and
High-End Episodic

StorageDNA has developed a new digital pipeline for the film, reality and high-end episodic pipelines. With a streamlined archiving platform designed for the field (UI and hardware), along with the ability to conform directly from LTO (in an online/offline workflow), results are hundreds of thousands of dollars of saved costs and many hours of saved time.

Workflow for the field

  • User interface and options designed for data wranglers to select cards or entire drives enabling them to quickly archive raw media
  • Support for P2, XDCAM, Arri Alexa, ProRes, RED etc.
  • Export/Import metadata ability means you can archive in the field and then restore in Post

Form factor and 4x higher performance for the field

  • Parallel checksum and archive saves you from having to perform a read after archiving thus resulting in 2x faster archiving
  • Archives at over 1.2 Gb/sec (*)
  • Software only, Thunderbolt compatible! Now enables you to archive from a laptop or Mac Mini

(*) Performance measured for RED files

Conform - Directly from LTO - Save on SAN Costs

  • Supports EDL, AAF, XML based conforms of hi-resolution media directly from LTO
  • Conforms entire sequences across multiple LTO tapes
  • Tremendous SAN cost savings as only active hi-res media needs to be online
  • Results in tremendous workflow efficiencies with complete automation

Built on LTO and LTFS for low cost, reliable and open storage

  • Built on low cost, high reliability LTO digital tape
  • Uses LTFS (Linear Tape File System) for open data access
  • Uses XML for open metadata access