Post Production Facilities

Post production pipelines deal with a phenomenal amount of file-based media. You are often responsible for this media, and have to manage multiple clients and projects, while needing to keep storage and management costs down. DNA Evolution enables you to intelligently offload and restore bins, sequences and projects. Additionally, it provides web-based clip browse and search making it easy to find your content.

Bin/Seq archiving for Avid, FCP7, Adobe (AAF/XML based)

  • Gives editors a simple way to archive and restore bins, sequences and projects
  • Admins can setup drop folders, enabling simplistic archiving and retrievals for editors
  • Supports Avid, FCP7 and other AAF/XML based editorial applications

Web-based miniMAM (clip browse, search and proxies)

  • Parses clip names/metadata/proxies from archived media and presents an easy to browse, web view of data
  • Avid, P2 Op Atom files and presents a web-based clip view of all media archived. When configured can also play low-res proxies.
  • Supports clip views for FCP7 mov's, P2, XDCAM etc.

Compatible with Asset Management Systems (CatDV and Interplay)

  • While DNA Evolution features a miniMAM designed to help end users find content, DNA Evolution can be plugged into other asset management solutions including CatDV and Avid Interplay

Built on LTO and LTFS for low cost, reliable and open storage

  • Built on low cost, high reliability LTO digital tape
  • Uses LTFS (Linear Tape File System) for open data access
  • Uses XML for open metadata access