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UCLA Athletics Selects StorageDNA LTO-5 Archive Workflow Solution

DNA Evolution chosen for reliability, efficiency, find and restore tools, and SAN storage cost savings

IRVINE, Calif., May 21, 2012 -- StorageDNA, Inc. today announced that DNA Evolution™ was selected as the archive and retrieval workflow solution for UCLA Athletics’ Video Operations Department. UCLA Athletics chose the LTO-5, LTFS workflow solution because it supports their migration to tapeless acquisition, and helps them reduce SAN storage costs. DNA Evolution protects their critical media assets and allows them to easily find and restore their content when they need it for projects.

The UCLA athletic program now records more footage on chips than on tape, and wanted to avoid another costly mistake after they lost an unsalvageable drive with irreplaceable footage.

“Having high value content stored on FireWire drives made us very nervous. Our reseller, Key Code Media, recommended the technology to us as a cost-effective, yet reliable LTO-5 archive and retrieval solution,” said Ken Norris, director of video operations for UCLA Athletics. “We liked how StorageDNA uses LTFS technology and provides more robust tools than Explorer or Finder to access our footage. Our overall cost to archive on an LTO-5 tape, with a 30-year shelf-life, is now less than $.05 USD/GB.”

“Prior to integrating DNA Evolution, we experienced a catastrophic failure. Now we take comfort in knowing that our content is protected, and we can easily access and restore our assets whenever we need to,” added Norris. “DNA Evolution has extended the life of our existing SAN, and we now have an efficient, automated archive workflow without having to rely on staff to remember to backup footage. This technology helps us solve our challenges with file-based content acquisition, and has integrated seamlessly with our XOS Digital video platform.”

About UCLA Athletics Video Operations

Ken Norris and his video operations staff are responsible for recording all of the practices and games for the UCLA football team, and instructional highlight footage for almost every UCLA Athletic program. Norris has served as the director of video operations for UCLA Athletics for more than 20 years. He is considered one of the most innovative and respected minds in his profession, and will be honored with the inaugural College Sports Video Summit Pioneer Award on June 7, 2012.

About StorageDNA, Inc.

StorageDNA creates sophisticated, reliable archive and retrieval workflow solutions that optimize the management and delivery of file-based digital media. The company’s cost-effective solutions allow customers to easily archive, locate, and restore their digital assets at blistering speeds. StorageDNA’s solutions power some of the most complex and critical workflows for customers ranging from film studios and television production companies to government agencies, corporate and religious organizations. To learn more about StorageDNA, visit www.storagedna.com.

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