DNAevolution Infinity Series

Media Archiving and 4K Data Management Solution

We deal with vast amounts of camera master data, often shot at 4K and 5K, which takes up a massive amount of space on our nearline storage... DNAevolution integrates easily into our infrastructure and enables us to utilize our network storage more cost-effectively. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to quickly archive the high-resolution media and conform directly from the LTO tape...

Stuart Dyer, Operations Manager, Films at 59

Fully-scalable for Your Environment

DNAevolution® Infinity Series is a tightly integrated hardware, software, and workflow solution for LTO LTFS which can easily scale based on the requirements of your media environment.

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Comprehensive, One-stop Solution

Designed to provide an extensive toolset for LTO LTFS media archiving and data management, the Infinity Series eliminates the need to integrate and maintain separate hardware and software components.

Hardware: Hewlett Packard Enterprise 6480L Tape Library

Hewlett Packard’s 6480L offers reliability, scalability, and an outstanding return on your storage investment. Included with every Infinity Series solution, the 6480L helps manage media storage growth from camera masters, post or finished assets.

  • Delivers best-in-class scalability, density, and performance
  • Start with 80 slots (200 TB) and expand up to 560 slots (1.4 PB
  • Scales from single drive LTO-6 native performance of 576 GB/hour to 42 drives for total bandwidth of 24.2 TB/hour
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DNAevolution Infinity Series expansion capabilities

Software: DNAevolution Archive Engine

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DNAevolution’s log level and system progress viewers

DNAevolution offers the greatest number of tools to select, archive and offload your 4K post assets, including, automated backup and archiving for Avid® and Adobe®, as well as AAF / XML / EDL based archiving. Mixed file size data movement is accelerated by DNAevolution LTO LTFS archiving to enable the fastest possible camera file offloads. When you pair these tools and features with its high performance data movers, DNAevolution delivers the fastest workflow for managing post production assets.

With DNAevolution’s web-based UI, it’s easier to work with archived content, setup jobs, and monitor progress. The enhanced toolset includes:

  • Extended metadata capabilities: Via the built-in HTML-5 player and Clip Information windows
  • Advanced logging and support tools: System monitoring and human readable logging features provide insight to users and give StorageDNA Support resources to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues

Work in Low-res, Save time and Storage Costs

Manage 4K Conform Workflows: When you need to finish programs at the highest resolution, DNAevolution can help by making it easy to adopt a conform workflow for 4K. By working in low-res and mastering in high-res, DNAevolution Infinity Series can help you realize significant savings on labor costs, manual processes, and expensive primary storage.

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Smart Conform: 4K Conform Workflow

Avid and Adobe Project-based Backup and Archive

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Schedule automated backups

Protect Entire Workspaces or Individual Projects: DNAevolution Infinity Series provides the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective, archive solution for use within Avid® and Adobe® workgroup environments. With DNAevolution, you have the flexibility of enabling disaster recovery backups for an entire workspace or selectively for a specific Avid or Adobe project.

On Time Nightly Incremental Backups: Designed to identify and transfer only new or changed files, DNAevolution uses high performance algorithms, ensuring nightly backups complete on time.

Take Control of Storage Costs

DNAevolution Infinity Series provides a complete toolset to manage otherwise uncontrolled storage growth of today’s most popular SAN/NAS solutions designed for post production environments. The archive engine’s media intelligent software layer allows for more granular movement of content to all storage tiers. This gives you the ability to easily manage your entire storage infrastructure and realize significant cost savings.

Manage a Single Project or Archive an Entire Workspace: It’s your choice. With DNAevolution Infinity Series, you have the tools to offload or archive at any level of granularity you see fit. Offload a project, an entire workspace/volume, or just a sequence or timeline’s worth of content.