DNAevolution: Models

Field, Workgroup, and Enterprise

The DNAevolution product line offers a range of models, from field and desktop, to rack mount enterprise versions. All of our solutions provide you with the same feature set. Each model provides different levels of LTO automation, LTO drives, and server hardware.

DNAevolution X Series: Linux®-based Turnkey Systems

Complete turnkey workgroup and enterprise systems, ship with LTO tape hardware, configured specifically for your needs. Systems start as small as a single desktop LTO drive or as large as a 4 drive/48 slot autoloader, with several models in between.

DNAevolution M Series: Mac®-based Server and Thunderbolt Systems

These cost-effective solutions offer hardware flexibility, with your choice of LTO tape drive connection. These are available with the same functionality as the X Series (software, drives, library up to 24 slots). Mac-based server minimum system requirements include a 64-bit OS, 16GB RAM, Mac OS X® Mountain Lion (10.8.x) and a dual processor.

DNAevolution N Series: Linux®-based Server for Third-party LTO hardware

The Linux-based enterprise solution can control any already existing or to be purchased third-party LTO tape hardware, with unlimited slot license capacity and your choice of networking and LTO hardware connection.

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