Removable, Random Access, Long-Term

What is DNAfusion?

DNAfusion is a new storage solution built on Sony's Optical Disc Archive media and StorageDNA's media intelligent software. The solution presents a new storage media that is removable and capable of a 50-year archive. However, it is random access with plug n play ability for tasks such as browsing, playing, sub-clipping, transcoding and more.

Introduction to Sony Optical Disc Archive

Introduction to DNAfusion

Demo: Avid Media Composer, RED 4K – Edit, Direct from DNAfusion

Features of DNAfusion:

  • Multi-Disc Cartridge
  • Optical Disc Based
  • 50 Year Shelf Stable
  • Random Access Discs
  • WORM Support
  • No generational migrations

Benefits of DNAfusion:

  • Archive
    50 years, Shelf stable, No migrations, UDF format
  • Random access
    Browse, Play, Transcode, Subclip, Conform
  • Open Store
    Graphics, Docs, Videos, Raws, Audio

DNAfusion Solutions

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