DNA Evolution™ is the only solution that gives you the performance and flexibility of deploying Thunderbolt™ in the field, plus the added benefits of an intelligent LTO LTFS workflow solution:

  • Fast, efficient, complete solution: Search and restore; workflow to post; long-term protection of your digital file- based media
  • Easy to deploy: Software-only solution that fits on your MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air®, Mac® mini or Mac Pro® tower
  • Direct IO performance: Uses Thunderbolt and SAS with no network bottlenecks
  • User interface and workflows designed for file-based pipelines: Such as conform from LTO

Fits Your Field Form Factor

DNA Evolution Thunderbolt solutions are designed to fit the form factor of your field system. The software can be deployed on any Mac® system, (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini or Mac Pro tower), giving you the flexibility to design your field unit according to your needs. This allows you to design a unit as small as a MacBook Air with an LTO drive, or a rack-mounted Mac mini connected to a rack-mounted multi-drive LTO system*. Unlike other solutions that limit you to their hardware, DNA Evolution gives you complete freedom to choose your form factor.

Pictured: Sample deployment with MacBook Pro or Mac mini to SAS LTO tape drive via ATTO ThunderLink Bridge

*Requires a Thunderbolt to SAS bridge box, such as an ATTO ThunderLink

Sample deploy thunderbolt mac LTO

High-performance Thunderbolt/SAS Archiving

DNA Evolution unlocks the fastest offload speeds because it is configured to archive directly over Thunderbolt and SAS. This enables you to maximize the 1.3 Gb/sec speed of LTO drives! DNA Evolution can achieve archiving and restore performance up to five times faster than network-based deployments.


Parallel Archiving, Tape Spanning, and Checksums

The speed of checksumming is a key factor when archiving large camera masters in the field. DNA Evolution can run a checksum and archive in parallel. In addition, DNA Evolution will further speed up your field archives by archiving multiple LTO tapes at the same time.

DNA Evolution also provides automated tape spanning with tape grouping that allows you to assign a set of tapes to an archive while the system automatically spans datasets to the next tape in the group. Tape grouping also prevents datasets from being accidentally overwritten by another dataset.


UI for Camera Media and Field User

DNA Evolution features a user interface that has been developed as a result of direct end user feedback for field archiving workflows. Key highlights include:

  • Interface that puts all archive controls on one screen with no need for additional clicks
  • Quick size check of space left on tape allows you to compare with size of the media you are about to write–allows field user to quickly determine if the next archive will fit on the current tape
  • Quickly mark a tape as full–if you feel the next archive will not fit on the present tape, you can mark the current tape as full signaling the software to use the next tape
  • Group tapes assigned to the archive so tapes are not over-written by mistake
  • Strip path information to remove volume names
  • Add custom label names during the archive process

Web-based Interface Allows Remote Control

DNA Evolution enables a Web-based interface and is especially useful in a field situation where multiple applications, such as grading and color correction, may be running on the same system. In these scenarios, you can use the remote Web interface to perform archiving via the same field system, while the primary console is being used for other tasks.


From the Field to Conforming in Post

DNA Evolution is the only solution that provides you with a complete workflow: from the field to conforming in post production. With DNA Evolution, your LTO tape becomes much more than an archival medium–the LTO tape also acts as a conform medium where, based on EDLs, the system conforms high-resolution media to your SAN for re-linking, grading, and final export.


Share Freely with LTFS and XML

DNA Evolution writes all camera masters as open files using LTO and LTFS, and it also extracts metadata into an open XML format. This allows you to preserve and exchange your master media and metadata in a completely open manner. This XML format allows you to import archives from one DNA Evolution system to another for the purpose of sharing, or for conforming.


Support to Guide You

Thunderbolt, SAS bridges, LTO and LTFS are new and advanced technologies. Setting up the software may be a challenge for productions and environments that do not have IT expertise. DNA Evolution solutions come with our expert support that can guide you and perform setups. This enables you to be up and running with ease.


Plug n’ Play Packages

StorageDNA gives you complete flexibility in choosing your DNA Evolution Thunderbolt solution. You can choose from software-only or opt for a software package with LTO tape drives and autoloaders.

Have a question or want more information? Contact us so we can help.

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